Know Your Rights When You Are Hit By A Vehicle While Driving A Motorcycle

Posted on: 18 December 2019

A motorcycle is a road-ready vehicle that is treated like a car or truck in the event of an accident. All drivers must follow the rules of the road, and this includes motorcyclists. If you are in an accident while riding a motorcycle and you are hit by a truck, chances are high that your injuries are severe. If the other driver is at fault for the accident, you have the right to file a personal injury claim to recover your losses. Even if you share some fault for the accident, you can file a claim as you were less than 50% at fault. It is important to get medical attention and determine the extent of your injuries in order to file an accurate claim.

Your Right to an Accurate Accident Report

An accident report is written by any officer that responds to the scene of the accident. If there are any witnesses, they may be asked questions about what happened to cause the accident. You can read over the accident report once it is filed to see what percentage of fault is assigned to you. If you have proof that the accident report is wrong, you can provide this proof to the responding officer and try to have the report corrected.

Determining Your Losses

If your injuries are severe, you may never be able to return to work full time. When you have medical bills piling up, damaged property and you aren't currently able to work, your immediate financial losses can be staggering. Add in your future inability to work, your pain and your suffering, your overall compensation can be substantial if you win your claim. You can work with a motorcycle accident lawyer to go through the details of your case and to determine what your specific losses are.

Negotiating a Settlement

When you need immediate financial relief, it may be necessary to negotiate a settlement so that you get your compensation soon instead of waiting for a trial to happen. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will have a good idea of what your case is worth and can negotiate on your behalf to come up with a reasonable settlement offer that is enough to protect your financial future.

When you are hurt in an accident while riding a motorcycle, it's important to get the compensation you deserve. If you are not at fault for the accident, you have the right to file a claim for damages. Contact a company like Iron Horse Motorcycle Lawyers today for more information.