• Is A Lack Of Seat Belts Relevant In A School Bus Accident Case?

    Buses usually do not have seat belts and school buses are no exception. However, some legislators have proposed making it a requirement that all buses have seat belts. If your child is injured on a school bus that did not have a seat belt, you may be able to use this as evidence that the school was negligent. Why School Buses Often Don't Have Seat Belts The common justification for why school buses don't have seat belts is because buses are considered safer than passenger vehicles.
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  • Can I Sue For Psychological Injuries?

    When you think of a "personal injury case," you might think that this type of case only refers to an incident where the plaintiff suffered physical injuries. However, psychological injuries can also play a role and may be considered in addition to physical injuries. However, determining psychological damages can be difficult because these injuries are not always readily apparent.  Liability and Psychological Damages If another party has engaged in actions that could be expected to cause psychological harm, they might be considered liable for any damages that result.
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  • If Your Child Is Injured At A Trampoline Park, You Can Pursue A Claim

    Trampoline parks create a great opportunity for children to have fun and even get in a little exercise. Yet, these facilities also present a number of severe dangers to children, ranging from infection risks to broken limbs. For parents of these affected children, justice for their child's hardships is critical. Learn how you can pursue a personal injury claim. Overlook Liability Waiver Limits Trampoline parks often require parents and guardians to sign liability waivers before their child can participate in any activities.
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