• Injury After Notifying Construction Company Of Danger: Who's Responsible?

    An injury on a construction site is not a new thing, nor, unfortunately, is it a rare thing. Good construction companies do everything they can to avoid injuries, but not-so-good companies can have more issues in that regard. Workers may try to tell supervisors about something dangerous that needs to be fixed, turned off, moved, or blocked off, but there's no guarantee that the supervisor will listen if the company isn't great.
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  • Delayed Reporting And Workers' Compensation: What To Know

    Some workers are reluctant to admit that they have hurt themselves at work. They may not want to cause problems for their co-workers, supervisor, and others and they hope the injury will resolve itself. However, taking this sort of action is unwise for several reasons, so read and find out more. Fraudulent Reporting Workers' compensation insurers are well-aware of the instances of workers who claim to be ill or hurt but are not.
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  • What You Need To Know About Temporary Disability Benefits

    Workers' compensation provides benefits to employees who are injured or become ill due to their job. The cover ensures that employees are compensated for their lost wages and medical expenses. As part of the workers' compensation cover, employees can receive temporary disability benefits. Learn more about these benefits from this guide. What Are the Different Types of Temporary Disability Benefits? If the injuries you sustain while at work cause temporary disability, you can claim total or partial disability benefits.
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