Are You Covered By Workers' Compensation As A Part-Time Or Seasonal Worker In North Carolina?

Posted on: 18 October 2016
Whether you're working part-time for extra cash or to keep yourself busy and maintaining access to an employee discount during retirement, you may be dismayed to suffer an injury on the job—especially if you suspect you'll need ongoing medical care or treatment for a while and aren't sure you're covered by your employer's workers' compensation policy. Are part-time and seasonal workers entitled to the same protections as full-time employees? Read on to learn more about your ability to qualify for workers' compensation coverage as a part-time or seasonal worker in North Carolina, as well as what you'll need to do to get started on your claim.
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Has Your California Workers' Compensation Claim Stalled on a Gender Basis? What Are Your Options?

Posted on: 17 October 2016
If you're a female California resident and have recently suffered a work-related injury, you may be frustrated at what you perceive to be attempts by your employer or its workers' compensation insurer to blame your injury on a female-only pre-existing condition like pregnancy. However, a group of female workers and a union in California have recently filed a class-action lawsuit against the state, saying it employs qualified medical evaluators (QMEs) who routinely blamed work-related injuries simply on workers' being female.
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Think Cruise Ships Are Safer Than Small Boats When It Comes To Accidents? Think Again

Posted on: 14 October 2016
The death of the Maimi Marlin's star pitcher Jose Fernandez in a boating accident in September and the injury to actress Lindsay Lohan in another boating accident have brought the serious dangers of boating into the spotlight once again. However, a lot of people assume that accidents like these are the norm—they take place on small boats with operators and passengers who aren't experts at boating. But what about cruise ships? Are they any safer?
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Is An Auto Accident Draining Your Pockets Because The Insurance Company Won't Pay? Get A Lawyer Fast

Posted on: 26 September 2016
If an auto accident has caused a variety of financial problems and medical problems, and you weren't the one who caused the accident but you only have minimum coverage insurance, you want to call a lawyer. If you aren't going to get enough from the insurance providers to cover all the expenses that you have, and the insurance companies are ignoring your requests, you want to get legal help.  Here are a few things to do before your consultation happens, so you're ready to file your case against the other driver and their insurance company.
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