Answering A Couple Of Questions Concerning Auto Accidents

Posted on: 16 August 2016

Being involved in an auto accident that was not your fault can be one of the more traumatic and financially devastating experiences that you can have. While it is possible for you to pursue damages through the court system, there are some individuals that might not have the knowledge necessary to make sound decisions when they are a victim of an auto accident. Once you have been armed with the answers to these common car accident questions, you will be in a better position to protect your rights.

Can You Still Recover Damages When The Other Driver Was Uninsured?

While the law mandates that individuals have auto insurance before driving on public roads, it is a reality that many individuals will violate this requirement. When you have been unfortunate enough to be in an accident with one of these people, it is important to understand that you will likely need to file a lawsuit against the other party. You likely want to avoid the complications that can come from going through a lawsuit, but there may not be another viable way of forcing the other party to pay for the damages that they caused.

What Should You Tell The Insurance Company?

Shortly after your accident, the other party's insurance will likely reach out to you. Unfortunately, the insurance will be looking for reasons to deny the claim, and this may involve attempting to trick you into admitting guilt or partial responsibility for the accident. If these tactics work, you may find that the strength of your claim to damages is greatly weakened. For this reason, you should always discuss the case with an attorney prior to speaking to the insurance company. This will allow the attorney to help you be prepared for the types of questions you can expect and how you should word your answers.

How Do You Know If You Can Afford To Hire An Attorney?

Having aggressive representation during an auto accident case can greatly reduce the confusion that can come from these cases. Yet, you may not have seriously considered hiring an attorney due to fears about the costs involved. Luckily, you can be relieved to learn that most auto accident attorneys will not charge their clients unless they collect compensation. In many cases, this will include fronting the costs associated with the case, such as court expenses, hiring witness, and producing documents. At the end of the case, the attorney can simply subtract the fees and costs incurred by the case, which can allow anyone to afford representation in these matters.

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