Four Reasons Your Long-Term Disability Claim Is Likely To Be Approved

Posted on: 14 September 2016

Long-term disability claims are sometimes challenging to follow through with because you have to submit enough proof for the claim to be approved. Many times, long-term disability claims are denied the first and even the second time because there was not sufficient proof to approve it. This is why you need a disability attorney by your side to help you document your case. You should also know these four reasons that your claim is most likely to be approved:

  1. Your Work History is Solid: Work history is looked into when you file a long-term disability claim. This is because you will be found to be more credible if you have been consistently working and paying for social security tax for a long number of years. Of course, if your work history is scattered and there are large gaps in between working and being unemployed, your claim is more likely to be delayed in order for discrepancies in the claim to be looked over. Of course, this is something that cannot be avoided, but if you are taking the proper steps in other areas, it should still be approved. 
  2. There is Thorough Documentation: The amount of documentation you include in your claim is really important. This should include medical documentation and disability letters to your previous employer that indicate reasons you are unable to continue working in your position. Without all of this documentation and if there are gaps between medical treatments for your disability, it is going to be more difficult to prove that long-term disability benefits are needed in your case. 
  3. Medical Documents are Consistent with Your Statements: When you have a hearing for your claim, you are going to give a statement about your reasons for needing long-term disability benefits. If this statement is inconsistent with your medical documentation, then it can be a problem. It's important to sit down with a disability attorney like Scott E. Shaffman Attorney At Law before the hearing to discuss what should and should not be said to ensure that you do not make any statements that can cause problems with your claim moving forward. 
  4. Your Doctors Validate Your Claim: It's important that your doctor validates your claim for your long-term disability. Without this validation, it is going to be difficult to receive the benefits you are looking for. This is why it's important to be consistent with your doctor appointments and develop a personal relationship with one doctor who supports your needs for long-term disability. 

When you know these four reasons that your claim is likely to be approved, you can be better prepared for what you need to do when filing your claim.