Is An Auto Accident Draining Your Pockets Because The Insurance Company Won't Pay? Get A Lawyer Fast

Posted on: 26 September 2016

If an auto accident has caused a variety of financial problems and medical problems, and you weren't the one who caused the accident but you only have minimum coverage insurance, you want to call a lawyer. If you aren't going to get enough from the insurance providers to cover all the expenses that you have, and the insurance companies are ignoring your requests, you want to get legal help.  Here are a few things to do before your consultation happens, so you're ready to file your case against the other driver and their insurance company.

Total of Expenses

You need to get an exact total of all the expenses you've had to the date you meet with the attorney. This can include the following:

  • Loss of earnings from missing work
  • Auto repair bills
  • Medical expenses
  • Credit card bills and interest from having to charge things because of loss of income

These are just some of the costs that you may endure when you're dealing with an accident, and each case has special circumstances.

Proof of Lack of Communication

It shouldn't be difficult to prove that you can't get in touch with the insurance provider of the other driver, or that they are delaying your claim. You want to show your lawyer these forms of proof:

  • All electronic mail messages between you and the insurance providers
  • Phone bills where you made calls to the insurance provider
  • Typed letters you've received from the insurance provider

With all of the evidence for your case the other insurance provider can't deny they haven't been cooperative about the claim.

Vehicle and Driver Information

You want to have all the information for you and the other driver that was involved, and about your vehicles and the accident. This includes the following:

  • Copy of the police report
  • Vehicle identification numbers
  • Copies of each person's driver license or personal information for contact needs

With this information he lawyer will know who the case involves, what the damages where and what the police report said, and what they need to file the case.

If you are not getting the money that you need from the insurance company of another driver that hit you or caused a bad accident, seek a legal consultation. A professional car accident lawyer like Clearfield & Kofsky can work to get you a settlement from the insurance company that won't answer your calls, and can help you recuperate financially from the problems that the accident has caused.