How An Attorney Can Help You In What Seems Like A Frivolous Personal Injury Suit

Posted on: 30 May 2018

Personal injury lawsuits don't always happen for obvious reasons. For example, a friend jumping into your pool and injuring themselves may seem like a weak reason for a lawsuit. However, it has happened before and thrown unprepared people for a loop. That's why it is critical to take these cases seriously and to hire an attorney.

The Judge May Allow What Seems Frivolous To Continue 

In your eyes, your friend's personal injury lawsuit may seem to have no merit. After all, they were jumping into your pool and knew the risks when they did so. However, a judge may not see the case in the same way. In fact, they may actually decide that there was something you could have done to prevent it or that there is evidence suggesting a potential fault on your part.

When this happens, you may find yourself in a rough situation. You may not have expected the lawsuit to go any further and poorly prepared for the trial. As a result, you may be in a spot where the person suing you actually has a strong chance of winning. That's because they may have been collecting evidence while you were not.

Preponderance Of Evidence May Trap You

In general, trying to win a personal injury lawsuit without an attorney is a bad idea. It is doubly bad if you haven't been collecting any evidence because you assumed it was frivolous. That's because lawsuits like this operate on the term known as preponderance of evidence. This means that the person who has the most evidence is the one likely to win the case.

So, if you were sitting around without an attorney and suddenly ended up having to prove you did nothing to injure your friend in your pool, then you are already way behind. As a result, it is critical to talk to a lawyer right away to learn how you can save your case.

How An Attorney Can Help

The moment you hire an attorney, you have a legal specialist who fully understands your case and who can take steps to ensure it goes your way. For example, they can start collecting evidence, including talking to people who were at the scene of the incident, to learn more about what happened. For example, maybe one of your friends remembers you warning the injured party about a slippery diving board.

Though the attorney may have to work extra hard to catch up for lost time, they greatly increase your chances of winning. In many cases, they can actually collect enough evidence to overcome your slow start and help you win what felt like a frivolous case to you.

However, what is frivolous to you may not appear so to a judge. So always take these cases seriously and hire an attorney if you find yourself in this situation. You won't regret taking this wise decision when the decision comes in, and you have won.