Three Important Legal Actions to Take After Suffering a Severe Auto Accident That You Didn't Cause

Posted on: 26 October 2018

Auto accidents are sometimes devastating and can leave you left with a host of injuries. If you weren't responsible for causing one, you shouldn't be accountable for its aftermath. To ensure you're not, you need to take the following legal actions quickly. 

File a Police Report

Wherever and however the auto collision occurred between you and another driver, the police will come out to document what exactly happened. It's important to stay around the scene of the crime to talk to this officer so you can make an official report.

Let them know exactly what occurred from your perspective. Be as thorough as you can when explaining the accident, too. You should absolutely avoid admitting any type of guilt during these discussions, even if you're not quite sure what happened. After this report is made, be sure to obtain a copy. It may be needed should you take the other driver to court for their negligence.

Gather Any Form of Evidence 

Sometimes it's not enough to claim that the other driver hit you and should be responsible. It looks better when you have tangible evidence, especially if you're involved in court proceedings to receive compensation from the other driver. What type of evidence can you gather, though? There is quite a lot of documentation you can do, actually. 

Using your phone's camera, take pictures of the resulting damage. They help show that the accident was real and show just how severe it was. You can also use witnesses as a form of evidence. There may have been people nearby who saw the entire accident unfold. Try getting them to testify on your behalf in court to prove without a doubt that you're innocent. 

Consult With an Auto Accident Attorney 

So that you don't make any mistakes throughout this legal process, it's wise to consult with an auto accident attorney. They deal with cases like this all of the time and can, therefore, use their experience to make your case less stressful and time-consuming.

If they can, they'll try to plea bargain with the defending driver and their attorney—possibly settling out of court. If this doesn't work, they'll build a sound case that's fully supported with evidence. They can make sure the compensation you receive is fair as well, whether it's for medical bills or lost wages.

Even though auto collisions can affect you emotionally and physically for some time, you can make a full recovery. You just need to follow the correct legal protocol from start to finish.