Car Accidents, Pregnancy, And Compensation

Posted on: 18 October 2019

A car accident that involves a pregnant victim is not an ordinary personal injury case. Every aspect of the case is elevated, including medical treatment, pain and suffering, and medical costs. It's so important that pregnant accident victims and their loved ones understand why seeking legal support is vital. While no amount of money can take away the trauma and pain from the accident, compensation is available to help ease the financial constraints of the incident. Read on to find out more about dealing with this situation.

Don't Settle for Less

As a pregnant accident victim, you are likely entitled to far more than the insurance company is offering to pay. That is where a personal injury lawyer comes in. Not only do they understand the unique losses suffered, but they know how to get you paid in a timely manner.

Take Action Right Away

No matter how minor your accident was, seek medical care immediately. Go to the emergency room and phone your OB/GYN to let them know about the wreck. You and your baby will need to be evaluated and observed to ensure that nothing serious happens as a result of the accident. Even if you are fortunate and you and your baby are physically fine, the emotional stress of the accident should not be discounted. Pregnancy is already a time of emotional upheaval, and being in an accident will only make things more stressful for the mother. Mental anguish can result in dangerous physical conditions that put you and your baby at risk. If you are feeling anxious and stressed, be sure to let your doctor know about it. This aspect of an accident might be more important than you think.

Settle for What You Deserve

You may be entitled to more than the usual money damages. In addition to medical expenses for you and your baby, you may also be entitled to a higher award for pain and suffering. If you end up having serious medical complications as a result of the accident or because of the mental stress, your pain and suffering award could be many (for example, 5 times) the cost of your medical expenses. In some cases, if premature birth results from the accident, you are also entitled to be paid on behalf of your newborn and the resulting pain and suffering and more medical expenses.

It can be difficult to focus on anything but getting better after an accident, so place your case in the hands of a personal injury attorney and let them take on the complexities of dealing with a pregnancy personal injury claim.