Delayed Reporting And Workers' Compensation: What To Know

Posted on: 12 May 2022

Some workers are reluctant to admit that they have hurt themselves at work. They may not want to cause problems for their co-workers, supervisor, and others and they hope the injury will resolve itself. However, taking this sort of action is unwise for several reasons, so read and find out more.

Fraudulent Reporting

Workers' compensation insurers are well-aware of the instances of workers who claim to be ill or hurt but are not. Some workers exaggerate their symptoms and some pretend to be ill or injured to take advantage of the workers' compensation insurance benefits. Unfortunately, being hurt but waiting too long to make a report is a red flag to the insurer that the employee could be faking it. Don't waste any time – seek medical attention first then report the issue to your supervisor as soon as possible.

Hidden Injuries

Some workers are unaware of how seriously injured they are until later. Some injuries worsen over time, and some take more time to become apparent. For instance, torn ligaments, back injuries, and muscle strains may only show up after several hours. Head injuries are particularly scary because the victim may feel fine only to pass away suddenly later of a brain bleed. Don't put your health at risk, seek medical help right away.

Slow to Show Injuries

Workers who perform repetitive movements throughout the day can suffer from several injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome, for example, can be caused by repetitive wrist actions. This type of injury may take several weeks or months to become severe enough to cause problems at work. As soon as you know about the injury, speak to your supervisor even if the pain began several weeks ago.

Not Work-Related

When you wait to report a work injury, your employer and the workers' compensation insurer could suspect you injuring yourself while on your free time. Reporting the accident immediately makes it more likely that you can locate witnesses and other proof to show that the injury is because of your job.

Hiding Drug Use and More

Failures to report an injury right away looks to the insurer like you have something to hide. They might suspect that you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident or that you were breaking employer rules at the time of the accident – rules that could get you fired.

If you are being wrongfully accused of any of the above, you may need professional legal help. Speak to a workers' compensation lawyer and learn about your rights.