Your Neck Pain After A Car Accident Can Be A Sign Of A Bigger Problem

Posted on: 15 February 2023

After a car accident involving a speeding motorist, you shouldn't be surprised if you experience neck pain. But you might not experience neck pain right away. Therefore, medical treatment is always important after a car accident.

Neck Injuries Are Difficult to Diagnose

A neck injury is a soft tissue injury. One of the challenges of soft tissue injuries is that they do not appear in many diagnostic tests. However, you must do everything possible to connect your injuries to the car accident so you can then receive compensation if you choose to pursue a settlement.

Several Tests Can Identify Soft Tissue Injuries

Specific tests can sometimes be effective at detecting soft tissue injuries, such as:

  • X-rays
  • CT scans
  • MRI's

Your physician will recommend the appropriate treatment when a diagnostic test identifies a specific medical condition.

Some soft tissue injuries get better on their own, but others worsen without treatment. You must do everything you can to get better, or you will have declining health issues in the future. You will also find it easier to seek compensation for your injuries. Otherwise, the other party will argue that you contributed to the severity of your medical condition.

Speeding Usually Exacerbates Car Accident Injuries

Accidents that involve speeding motorists lead to more severe soft tissue injuries. Therefore, you can hold the other driver at fault for your accident. Then, you'll not be able to receive compensation through your insurance provider but through the mandatory liability policy offered by the other driver's insurance provider.

Conservative treatment options for your neck injury might not be sufficient. You may need surgery and long-term physical therapy. 

An Auto Accident Attorney Can Increase Your Settlement

An auto accident attorney will help you prove that the other party caused your soft tissue injury. They will also help you calculate your damages in pursuit of a more significant settlement. 

Your doctor might believe that your soft tissue injury is catastrophic, and your settlement might be worth more than you think. Your injury is likely to be catastrophic if you spend time in the hospital. 

You Only Have One Chance to Reach a Settlement

You must maximize your settlement because you may otherwise be left with medical bills while also coping with a loss of income. You will not be able to ask for more money once you have agreed to a settlement amount. By being negligent, the other driver has an obligation to compensate you. There is nothing wrong with asking for a larger settlement. 

For more info, contact a local auto accident attorney